Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

We are specialized in four main investment strategies: (i) Corporate NPL, (ii) Special Situations, (iii) Legal Claims, (iv) Distressed Real Estate.

We have an opportunistic investment approach, with in depth understanding of the financial and legal environment of every transaction. We are always looking for outstanding risk x return opportunities with well-designed collection and capital protection strategies.

Investment Strategies


Corporate NPL

Investment in Non-Performing Loans against companies looking for credit recovery maximization in litigious and non-litigious procedures.

This investment strategy can be monetized through a wide asset classes (real estate, legal claims and others).


Special Situations

Investment in structured operations with hybrid credit instruments to maximize the risk x return ratio with capital protection


Legal Claims

Investment in judicialized rights against public or private entities in many lawsuit stages.


Distressed Real Estate

Investment in Distressed Real Estate: financial and/or judicial and/or owner with relevant problems (corporate disputes, credit/liquidity, Chapter 11 or bankruptcy)

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